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Terms and Conditions

Rules, Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Bucks and E-wards prepaid debit MasterCards

1.How to Activate your Gift Bucks or E-wards MasterCard
Your card will be delivered without any money in it. As Gift Bucks and E-wards gift cards are reloadable, banking regulations require that your identity number be reflected in the system. Please note: all activations and enquiries can only be made during weekday office hours.


Send a PLEASE CALL ME to 079 XXX XXXX. We will phone you back and ask for these details:
  • - your name
  • - ID or Passport number
  • - cellphone number
  • - the 16-digit card number
  • - and the number at the back of the card starting with 000


To obtain your balance or to report a lost or stolen card
  • - Sms your card number to 34246
  • - Or logon to
  • - Or phone 0860 392 737
  • - Or phone the Helpline on 0861 11 4093

2. How to Spend with your Gift Bucks or E-wards MasterCard
Your Gift Bucks or E-wards card is the perfect reward, and ultimate gift, to pay for anything you want, wherever MasterCard® is accepted within South Africa. You can present this card as payment towards your purchases of any goods or services. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the card, so you can use it as often as you like until it reaches zero. You can then top it up again by logging onto and following the steps to pay with a credit card. The card will only be declined if the amount you are purchasing for, exceeds the balance in your card.

3. No costs to use the card
There are no costs to use the card, no matter how many times you may swipe it at till points. No cash can be drawn from it, from any banks, ATM's or retail till points, nor can you purchase online, nor use it outside South Africa. There is no PIN number.

4. Costs applicable to your card when topping up
These charges will be deducted from the Rand value requested to be loaded onto the card;
  • - a one off R36 plus Vat for the card itself
  • - a one off courier fee of R95 to deliver to your office
  • - twelve percent (12%) of any value to be loaded into the card at any time

5. Validly activated Gift Bucks and E-wards cards can be used as full or part payment of goods or services at any store in South Africa accepting MasterCard®. The amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the card.

6. The card may be used as part of the payment for goods of a higher price than the current card balance, on payment of the difference, using normal payment methods.

7. Once the funds on the card have been used you can reload it by logging onto

8. The card cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers, gift cards or additional gift cards and the card cannot be exchanged for cash.

9. The minimum Rand amount required to activate this card is R50,00 (fifty Rand) and the maximum card load limit is R10 000,00 (ten thousand Rand) per month.

10. Only card holders who can prove that they are of the appropriate age can use this card for purchasing any goods which are subject to age restriction.

11. This card is not a credit card, nor a guarantee for a cheque. Treat your card like cash, keep it safe and look after it carefully.

12. The Gift Bucks and E-wards gift cards are bank regulated debit cards with specific restrictions built into them for security purposes. The cardholder acknowledges that any interest earned on your card remains the property of Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd and to all intents and purposes the cardholder earns no interest.

13. Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd, its employees, agents or suppliers cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any credit amounts on such cards allegedly redeemed or otherwise used. Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to issue another card for the balance of the original card at its discretion, but is not responsible in any way to replace funds used without your knowledge.

14. The card will automatically expire on the last day of the month indicating its validity seen on the front of the card and the cardholder acknowledges that any remaining balance will be forfeited without any recourse, unless the Helpline is advised to transfer any remaining balance to a new card, for which the costs itemise in Clause 4 apply.

15. Any balance left in the card after its date of expiry cannot be exchanged for cash. If the card shows a zero balance and no transaction has taken place for a continuous period of 60 days, it will automatically expire at the end of that 60 days period. This will render it unusable and it cannot be re-instated.

16. The card is for personal use only and it may not be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to resale, without express prior written consent which can be applied for in writing to Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd, P O Box 1314, Randburg, 2125, Gauteng, South Africa.

17. Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to add to or waive some or all of these terms and conditions on reasonable notice in advance for legal, security or regulatory reasons via advertising in daily press or online at Further, where for reasons above the cards have to be discontinued, a notice of such discontinuance shall be displayed online at and shall take immediate effect. In this or these events only, all monies on the discontinued cards shall be refunded to the card holder in cash upon production of the card within 6 months of notice of such discontinuance.

18. Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to take any action we consider appropriate if we have reason to believe a cardholder is abusing the card and funds in it, including withholding part or all of the balance credited on the card.

19. E-Wards™ and GiftBucks™ gift cards are trademarks of and marketed and issued by Gift Bucks (Pty) Ltd, contactable at P O Box 1314, Randburg, 2125, Gauteng, South Africa and on

20. Use of this card constitutes unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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