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Product overview:

The Payroll card is an alternative to cash or cheque payment of salary, wages or petty cash. If you use cash or cheques to pay your employees you can now make payments to a disposable Payroll card. Once the cards have been loaded it can be used to withdraw cash at any Standard Bank or other local banks' ATMs or it can be used to pay for goods and services at any merchant where the MasterCard logo is displayed.

Product options:

  • SBSA PayCard - plain Standard Bank blue card - we facilitate your purchase and reload needs
  • Co-Branded Payroll Card - Ewards / GiftBucks / your own brand (minimum 5000 cards)

Who would use this product?

The Payroll card is aimed at companies, or individuals, who:
  • make payments via cash or cheques
  • pay wages via cash or cheques for seasonal or temporary workers who are unbanked
  • need to pay a number of people, either one-off, or regularly. For example: a company who needs to pay employees , of any income level, who are either 'banked' or 'unbanked', or someone who needs to pay a domestic worker or a contractor, or someone who needs to provide funds to someone who needs to do a petty cash purchase.

How does this product work?

The Payroll card is a self-service product that can be ordered and managed by an individual company via the website of the 3rd party reseller. The card provider can purchase, load or reload these cards with funds via the website of the 3rd party reseller.

The cardholder will receive a prepaid card and personal identification number (PIN) which can be used at any ATM or point of sale (POS) where MasterCards are accepted.

Why choose this product?

  • The Payroll card is a reloadable bank-issued card that offers a safer and convenient alternative to using cash or cheques for the card issuer
  • It provides direct deposit capability which can be scheduled to each corporate's requirements.
  • The card holder does not need a bank account.
  • Reduces bank charges and saves on the costs of managing the company's payroll

Why choose GiftBucks?

  • We supply Ewards / GiftBucks or Co-Branded Payroll Cards with these User benefits;
  • Balance and statements easily available
  • Employees do not need a bank account
  • Entirely self service
  • Can do scheduled payments
  • Can brand the card
  • Can integrate with company payroll software

Benefits of the product:

  • Provide direct deposit capability / scheduled payments
  • The convenience of a credit or debit card without the need for a bank account
  • Reloadable - weekly
  • Detailed reporting
  • PIN protected
  • Accepted everywhere that is linked to MasterCard
  • Lost card replacement
  • No need to visit a bank branch
  • Employees don't need a bank account
  • Reduced processing and administrative costs
  • No more cash or cheques
  • Secure / lost card replacement and call centre support
  • Cost and time savings
  • Improved tracking and reporting
  • Extra security - avoids cash or cheque payments
  • Eliminate lost, stolen and fraudulent cheques
  • History of all payments
  • Gives employees / club members peace of mind knowing that their pay is automatically available and accessible

What are the top 15 things one needs to know about this product?

  1. Is MasterCard endorsed
  2. Is Standard Bank endorsed
  3. Is reloadable bank debit card
  4. Is PIN based and comes in a card carrier
  5. Has a 1 year expiry date from order delivery
  6. Can be co-branded - several weeks production time
  7. Has a R20 000 per card limit per month - R5000 at a time
  8. FICA requirements are Name, Surname, ID or Passport number, Address, Cellphone number and Copy of ID or passport
  9. All funds are deposited into a trust account
  10. The fees are market related / not onerous / save on banking fees
  11. The card provider can specify an activation time and date when loading money onto the cards, as to when the funds will only be available
  12. No debit orders or stop orders can be processed on these accounts
  13. The card and account cannot be linked to internet banking
  14. It is a totally managed system supported by Call centre
  15. Detailed reports / history of all payments are available at all times

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